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International Travel Advisory

Before departing, students traveling abroad over summer should take some simple steps to remain safe and enjoy the time in China/another country. It is important to take precautions against crime and to read this travel advisory from the U.S. Department of State. Please register your itinerary with the U.S. Department of State and check to see if a travel alert or advisory has been issued in the country to which you are traveling. Be sure to follow any tips or advice that may be provided about any health or safety concerns from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Make sure all your international travel documents are in order and know the location of the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate in case of emergency.


Should an emergency occur while you are abroad contact the related persons and offices on our contact page.

K12 Program

The K-12 Program partners with elementary and secondary schools throughout Ohio and the Midwest to establish effective Chinese language programs. We provide assistance with curriculum development, teacher training, and technology support.


The Undergraduate Program trains beginning and intermediate students to achieve an advanced level of linguistic and cultural expertise in as little as four years. It is possible to earn a combined Bachelor's and Master's degree with only one additional year of coursework.

Graduate Program

Designed for students with advanced language proficiency, the Graduate Program leads to a Master of Arts in East Asian Languages and Literatures with a concentration in Advanced Chinese Language and Culture.

Overseas Center

The Flagship China center, located in Suzhou, China, offers Summer Semester immersion programs for undergraduate and graduate students, and operates the Flagship Internship Program. Multiple levels of study are available from high beginner through advanced.