Kara Babb shines at the 2010 Chinese Bridge Competition

August 2, 2010
Kara Babb speaks at the Chinese Bridge competition.

Continuing OSU Flagship’s tradition of success, Kara Babb, a member of the 2009 cohort, took 7th overall in the 9th Annual Chinese Bridge Competition. The Bridge Competition was an exciting and challenging component of Kara’s capstone year in China. We asked Kara about some her most memorable experiences from Bridge 2010 and this is what she had to say:

The Chinese Bridge competition was a fantastic experience that improved my language skills and expanding my cultural knowledge through stiff (and usually quite stressful) competition. Some of my more memorable experiences from the competition include:

  • A home stay with an ethnic minority family in a small town called Zhangjiajie (Hunan province). Myself and one other student lived with this family for the 3 days leading up the opening ceremonies of the competition.
  • Before each performance, we would record a short video introduction pertaining to the subject of our performance. One of my favorites being our Chinese Kungfu skit, for which we went to an authentic Kungfu school, and I got to play the disciple of a famous beggar/kungfu master- Hong Qigong.
  • As a part of the top 12 contestants, being flown to the Shanghai World Expo to explore the Pavilions and shoot promotional videos for the competition. During this trip I was able to visit the American, Russian, and Belgian Pavilions.

The Chinese Bridge competition is a Chinese language competition for foreign college students that tests student’s Chinese proficiency and understanding of Chinese culture through performance. Students write and perform a speech on a subject of their choice and prepare a cultural performance (ie poems, Chinese kungfu, traditional Chinese songs etc). The international round consisted of 120 students from over 90 countries competing for one month in a total of 4 rounds (including a Chinese proficiency written test), all of which are broadcast live on national television.

In addition, Kara was rated “Superior” in an oral test administered by the American Council for Teachers of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).