October 2, 2017
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On the evening of September 14th, Professor Galal Walker met with a group of Buckeyes to catch up with their activities in the Capitol. The gathering took place at a Yunnan style restaurant located in a hutong in a part of Beijing whose name has been lost to jetlag. The food was excellent; the company even better.

Starting with the bearded fellow on the right, the celebrants were:

  1. Jake Kursinskis, who is at Beijing University researching Chinese journalism's presentations of America.
  2. Trey Rainey, who is enrolled in the Beijing Film Institute and who is researching the cross-cultural role of humor in the increasingly more closely related film industries of China and America.
  3. Adam Skov, who studied at the Beijing Film Institute last year and is now working at a film and video production company in Beijing.
  4. Kristian Kender, who studied Chinese a couple of decades ago at OSU and who is now Managing Director at China Media Management, Inc.
  5. The jet lagged professor.
  6. Jake Parker, from the 2008-2009 Midwest US China Flagship Program. Jake is now the China Representative for the US China Business Council.

Group Photo

This is a vigorous group who are prepared for a productive, if challenging, year. Let's hope they keep in touch from time to time.