OSU Flagship Student working with the Center for America China Partnership in Beijing

December 12, 2010
Participants in the Center for America China Partnership program.

Matt Margulies, a member of the 2009 cohort of the OSU Chinese Master’s Program, has began interning at the Center for America China Partnership (CACP), a Beijing-based organization devoted to building genuine global partnerships in government, economics and business. While at CACP Matt has contributed to a number of projects including the recent visit to China by experienced China-hand, global strategist and New York Times Best-selling author Thomas PM Barnett. During the trip, the CACP and Mr. Barnett introduced their “New Grand Strategy” for US-China relations.

While working on this project Matt met with many important players in U.S. China relations and served as a cultural facilitator and interpreter between the CACP delegation and a former Chinese foreign minister.