Flagship MA Students Engaging with Local Communities

June 15, 2015

Flagship MA Students Engaging with Local Communities

Flagship Student Engaging with Local Community

To prepare OSU Chinese Flagship students to work in China and work with Chinese to achieve shared goals, the Flagship Program offered opportunities for the students to engage with the local Chinese community and to work as volunteers at the local public schools and weekend Chinese schools.

In collaboration with NEALRC and the Asian Festival Committee, these students interviewed Chinese seniors about the differences in American and Chinese health care systems, what they personally need in terms of healthcare in Columbus, and what information about the US healthcare system they think would be helpful to know. The interview reports helped the joint project entitled “bilingual health-care manual for Asian Americans” by NEALRC and the Asian Festival Community. Their fluent Chinese and friendly attitude left deep impressions on the senior citizens and permitted them to contribute to this important project.

Nik Snyder interviewing Chinese seniors

(Nik Snyder interviewing Chinese seniors)

Flagship students also assisted teachers of Chinese in classrooms at Columbus North International School, Hubbard Mastery School Pre K-6, and Ohio Chinese School. While learning how to teach Chinese classes, they shared their learning experiences with those students, both non-heritage and heritage Chinese learners. Kristofer Sirevaag recalled his visit at the school: “I really enjoyed this experience.” (See Kristofer talking with students in the title photo.)

Adam Skov talking with students

(Adam Skov talking with students)

2015-2017 Flagship students finished their one-year intensive course study in Columbus and are now continuing their MA program in China. They will study and conduct research at Chinese universities during the second year and prepare their theses which will be written and defended in Chinese.