Attending Fuyao Glass Grand Opening

October 12, 2016

Attending Fuyao Glass Grand Opening

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On Friday, October 7th, Galal Walker led a team of current and former advanced Chinese language students from OSU in attending the grand opening of Fuyao Glass America's auto glass plant in Moraine, Ohio.

Following speeches by Ohio's Lieutenant Governor, other government and corporate dignitaries, and a representative of the plant's 2000 workers, Dr. Walker introduced the Chinese Flagship Program at OSU to Chairman Cao Dewang, founder of the Fuyao Group. During their exchange, Dr. Walker extended to Chairman Cao an open invitation to visit the Ohio State University and learn more about the many resources that the university and the Chinese Flagship Program can offer Fuyao.

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In addition to Dr. Walker, the Chinese program at OSU was also represented by Patrick McAloon of SinoConnect (MA '03, PhD '08), Donny Newman of the Columbus School of Chinese (BA '07, MA '10), and current Chinese Flagship Program MA students Sarah Buckalew, Jacob Kursinskis and Trey Rainey.

The ceremony culminated years of preparation and planning for Fujian-based Fuyao Group, which also has US operations in Michigan and Illinois.