Matthew Garner Gives Speech for Chinese Auto Brand

May 1, 2011
Matthew Garner at an automobile trade show.

During the Shanghai Auto exposition in April, Matthew Garner, currently a consultant with the Chinese consulting firm Ries & Ries & Chuang & Wong, was asked to give a speech on branding for a meeting of international distributors of one of the company’s clients, and one of China’s largest auto brands. “The speech had to be in English so I essentially was the default speaker. But I think it was also a reflection of the company’s faith in me to give such an important speech.” The meeting was part of a gathering of international distributors of the car brand, who had come to Shanghai for the Auto Show. Because Ries & Partners had been working with the company on their branding strategy for some time, the company was asked to provide a presentation for their annual meeting to provide some thoughts on auto branding.

The company is the maker of China’s number one-selling SUV, selling more than international competitors like Honda and Toyota. “We think that given their focus on the pickup and SUV categories, and the benefit this brings to development and quality improvement, the company will probably be one of China’s most successful car brands internationally. They already sell in a number of countries including Australia, Russia, Italy, Chile, Ecuador, South Africa and the Middle East,” said Matt.