Joshua Lotz is working with the Beijing Red Cross

August 4, 2011

Joshua Lotz is working with the Beijing Red Cross

Chinese Flagship news.

During a leave of absence from medical school in Sweden, Joshua Lotz (Flagship 2006-07) is in
Beijing, accompanying his wife, Matilda, who has a position at the Swedish Embassy. During this
time, Joshua is working with Madam Lu HAN, director of the Beijing Red Cross, on a project focused
on the treatment of autism.

The Beijing Red Cross has been allocated funding to run a project addressing the difficulties faced by
autistic children and their family members in China, specifically in Beijing. Other than stipulating that
any potential project should be "long-term," nothing specific has been decided about how exactly
this money should be used. The Beijing Red Cross leadership decided to engage a knowledgeable
outsider to prepare an objective report exploring the various options and giving recommendations
for suitable projects. Joshua was asked to take on this responsibility to make sure the money will be
spent wisely and in an objective fashion.

Joshua has been involved in various public health projects in China since 2006. From 2009 to 2010,
he also worked full-time with autistic adults in Sweden before beginning medical school there.
Because of these previous experiences and his ability to do research and produce reports in Chinese,
Madam Han recommended him as an ideal candidate to lead this project.

The project is in its first phase, which involves producing and evaluating a comprehensive report in
Chinese describing the various programs that exist for autistic children and their families in other
countries as well as the current situation for families of autistic children in China. This initial report
was completed by the end of June and includes recommendations regarding which projects would
be the most feasible to implement in Beijing at this time. After reviewing the report, the Red Cross
leadership will select one or more projects to fund. Depending on which projects are selected,
Joshua will continue working with the Red Cross in the future.