Matthew Margulies serves to help U.S. companies do business with China

July 7, 2014

Matthew Margulies serves to help U.S. companies do business with China

Matthew Margulies in front of the Capitol Building.

Matthew Margulies has been utilizing the language skills and cultural knowledge he gained from the Chinese Flagship program in varying roles ever since graduating in 2011. He has spent his time since graduating in Washington, DC, and recently accepted a role with the US-China Business Council.

The US-China Business Council (USCBC) is a private, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization of roughly 220 American companies that do business with China. Founded in 1973, USCBC has provided unmatched information, advisory, advocacy, and program services to its membership for more than three decades. Through its offices in Washington, DC; Beijing; and Shanghai, USCBC is uniquely positioned to serve its members' interests in the United States and China.

Matthew serves as a business advisory services manager, focusing on key issues for USCBC’s members primarily in the IT/telecom, as well as healthcare industries. USCBC focuses largely on market access barriers for US companies doing business with China, but also provides advocacy and advisory services, such as reporting on policy and regulatory changes in China, company best practices, and benchmarking. He is very grateful to have found an opportunity to work for a great organization that really matches the strengths of his professional and educational background.