Students in Guizhou

October 3, 2017

Students in Guizhou

Folk performance

Partnering with the Guizhou Rural Tourism Development Center, students of Ohio State’s Midwest US-China Flagship Program have been engaged in community service projects across Guizhou every summer for the last 7 years. One important goal of these projects is for the students to learn about the “Guizhou Story” as our Guizhou hosts envision it and to gain understanding of their perspectives and presentations. Furthermore, by working closely and cooperatively with various communities and partners in China, our students have helped produce a series of short films in English promoting Guizhou rural tourism to the English-speaking world.

The film shown here is one of the final products from the Summer 2016 project. It is co-directed by Dr. Xiaosong Zhang, director of the Guizhou Rural Tourism Development Center and Professor Xiaobin Jian of DEALL, Ohio State University. So far, about 15 short films have been produced, the present film being most recent.

Let us know when you want to vacation in Guizhou!