Jenni Young at Care for Children

November 28, 2011
Group photo of children and teachers belonging to Care for Children.

In August 2011, Jenni began working at an organization in Beijing called Care for Children. Care for Children started out as a charity project to train employees in the Chinese foster care and adoption system how to educate children with severe learning and behavioral disabilities. In the past five years, Care for Children has grown exponentially, opening its own Special Education Needs School and Family Services Clinic in Beijing. The school and clinic provide services to foreigners living in Beijing and has expanded to include training for local Chinese educators and parents. As Operations Manager of the school and clinic, Jenni is in charge of running the school and clinic smoothly and efficiently. Her background in Chinese and psychology allows her to serve as a communications bridge between the international and Chinese parents, staff, and community. Her job requires that she be able to handle human resources, public relations, marketing, financial issues and administrative support in both Chinese and English. During her short time there, she has already organized and facilitated several events as well as a parent support group which she co-facilitated. She hopes to expand her knowledge in the field of family care and clinical treatment in China by leaning about the techniques and support offered by Care for Children's Family Service Clinic.