September 9, 2011

As part of the advanced language and culture program this summer in Qingdao, Flagship students designed their own community service projects.  For his project, Nicholas Holtkamp filmed a movie, In…

August 17, 2011

Watch the video on Youtube.

August 16, 2011

The twelve OSU Chinese Flagship students who are in their second year of the Chinese Flagship program will serve internships and take classes alongside Chinese students at the following…

August 5, 2011

The Qingdao Center, new perspectives and new friendships.

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August 4, 2011

During a leave of absence from medical school in Sweden, Joshua Lotz (Flagship 2006-07) is in
Beijing, accompanying his wife, Matilda, who has a position at the Swedish Embassy. During this…

July 25, 2011

青岛新闻网7月24日讯 昨天是传统节气里的大暑,岛城遭遇桑拿天,第一海水浴场人头攒动,一群环保志愿者在人群中穿梭,他们人手一个塑料袋、一副手套、捡拾游人丢弃在海滩上的餐盒、塑料袋、瓶子、烟头、口香糖等垃圾。

带队的是一位美国小伙博爱文,他前一天在网上发起了这个活动,得到了二十多名网友的响应。记者与博爱文聊了起来,他很健谈,以前他在青岛留 过学,中文说得非常地道。…

July 25, 2011


吴伟克(Galal Walker),现为美国俄亥俄州立大学东亚语言文学系教授、俄亥俄州立大学中文旗舰工程主任、全美东亚语文资源中心主任、美国中西部美中协会会长。为表彰他对推广汉语的巨大贡献,2003年,中国教育部授予他“中国语言文化友谊奖”,成为全英语世界获此殊荣第一人。

July 12, 2011

Students in the Qingdao Intensive Language Program are required to design, initiate and organize community service projects that will bring tangible benefits to the local community and its people…

June 29, 2011

Second year Flagship Student Simran Khaira was notified this week of acceptance for the Chinese Government scholarship.The scholarship covers full tuition, room, health care, and living allowance…