The OSU Midwest US-China Flagship is a two-year masters program for the advanced study of Chinese. It is designed for upper-intermediate and advanced speakers of Mandarin Chinese who seek to achieve a superior level of proficiency (Defined as the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) FSI/ILR level 3 "professional entry level" and level 4 "professional working proficiency").

Students take a break outside of Hagerty Hall.
The OSU Flagship's major focus is to establish a field-wide and institutional infrastructure that will support the production of advanced language-proficiency students in Mandarin Chinese. Through an innovative and intensive two-year campus and overseas curriculum, the Flagship moves intermediate to advanced students' language proficiency to a professional superior level.

The OSU Graduate Flagship requires an established general language proficiency and domain proficiency (i.e., the ability to use Mandarin in an academic discipline or career area). This program not only addresses general issues of advanced Chinese, but also makes an effort to insure that students will function well in professional domains in the target culture environment.

Following a year of classroom-based training at the Columbus campus of the Ohio State University, students proceed to the program's training center in Suzhou, China. For the 2014 and 2015 academic years it will be held in Guangzhou, China for a new community immersion program held there. During this intensive eleven-month of immersion in Chinese Language and Culture, the participants enroll for a year at a Chinese University. In the spring students return to Columbus for proficiency assessments and completion of a thesis project. Those who meet the program's criteria will receive a master's degree in East Asian Languages and Literatures with a concentration in Advanced Chinese Language & Culture.

Program Philosophy

The OSU Midwest US-China Flagship will prepare students to work in China and work with Chinese to achieve shared goals. It will focus on the cultural aspects of communication, training Americans to achieve their intentions in Chinese culture and society. Performance (Doing is knowing) will be emphasized at every stage of learning advanced skills in Chinese language and culture.

The OSU Midwest US-China Flagship at the Ohio State University has a vision of promoting national security and international harmony through the mutual understanding of languages and cultures. The program's mission is to establish a replicable institution that produces professionals with a superior level of Chinese proficiency and professional relationships in the target culture. Upon completion of this program, students will not only have advanced traditional language skills, but also have the ability to make professional decisions appropriate for both their native culture and the target culture.

The program's innovative curriculum combines both intensive classroom training and individualized, custom-tailored tutoring with a eleven-month immersion period at the program's year-round training center in Qingdao, China.