Contribution to the Ohio Community


The OSU Midwest US-China FLagship has the primary mission of training OSU students to the highest levels of Chinese language proficiency. In reaching this goal, our program has established a base in China from which we maintain a network of contacts with organizations in diverse industries in China. This network permits us to place students in internships throughout China. In this way, we are developing a developmental resource for the State of Ohio. Here are a few features of that resource:

Attracting high-performing students to Ohio who are proficient in Chinese as well as other academic areas: Our program requires students to have an academic discipline or occupational area in addition to Chinese language. Flagship students include such majors as biochemistry, economics, marketing, sociology, and sustainable development. Ohio corporations have first access to these talented people and in this way this national resource is also a regional resource.

Attracting Chinese business to Ohio: Flagship staff and students have been involved in bring delegations focused on trade arbitration and tourism to the state. China is becoming a source of tourists going around the world. We are helping develop educational tourism to Ohio, helping Chinese parents make decisions about their children’s educational paths and creating opportunities to understand an essential aspect of American life.

Finding partners in China for developing new technologies: China and the United States have overlapping interests in green technologies and can speed the development of green industries by working cooperatively. Flagship students are helping to identify these connections and are prepared to assist in facilitating the connections that can lead to expanding these technologies in both China and Ohio.

Finding customers for Ohio products: Flagship personnel have put Chinese distributors in touch with Ohio producers. Most recently, an Ohio maker of snack food was introduced to a business in China that has national distribution to Chinese and American (WalMart) grocery outlets throughout China.

Bringing Chinese educational programs to Ohio: We are currently discussing a project for training Chinese education and government officials in modern management techniques. We are involved in other discussions that can lead to Chinese universities sending their instructional staff to Columbus to upgrade their programs in foreign languages and cultures.