Overseas Programs


The Ohio State University offers intensive language study in China through the Department of East Asian Languages & Literatures and delivered through the OSU Suzhou Center. These include Summer Programs in the East Asian Concentration (SPEAC) overseas component and other programs located throughout China. Study in China is an important part of preparing Americans to successfully participate in Chinese work environments and to reach the highest levels of proficiency. The Suzhou Center does this by creating opportunities for students of Chinese language and culture to be directly engaged in Chinese society and providing the instructional support for successfully negotiating these engagements. in 2013 and 2104 DEALL provided programs in Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Guangzhou for the US Department of State (CLS program)

In addition to coursework focused on putting fundamental language and culture knowledge into practice, the summer program requires self-managed study and the willingness to work outside your comfort zone.

Ohio State offers intensive language programs at college levels 2-6. Each succeeding level offers ability-appropriate opportunities to interact with the local community. Beyond Level 6, OSU’s Global Professional Service Corps (GPS Corps) arranges internships for superior-level Chinese speakers at a Chinese company, agency, or organization for 3-6 months.

If your goal is the ability to function independently in Chinese society, you will find opportunities to succeed and appreciate the courses offered by the Suzhou Center.