1. What should do when I arrive in Suzhou?

As described in announcements, you should:

  1. Go to your host university by Suzhou Center taxi or airport/public bus.
  2. Check in at the listed university lodging and receive your Center welcome package with directions for the first day of class.

 2. What is a normal day like in the Suzhou programs?

In Levels 1-4, students have four hours of class in the morning followed by individual tutoring and community-based homework assignments to do in the afternoon. You should expect to spend at least 6 hours/day preparing for your classes.

In Levels 5 & 6, students develop, research and report on their own domain-specific projects. The individual nature of these projects means less group time and more one-on-one study and tutoring.

 3. How long can I stay in the dorm before and after the program?

You can stay in the dorm room the weekend before the programs begin and the weekend after the programs end. Beyond those periods, you will be responsible for the cost of the dorm room.

 4. What does the student housing look like in Suzhou/Guangzhou?

Photos can be found on the respective university websites: Suzhou University and Sun Yat-sen University.

 5. Will I have a Chinese roommate in Suzhou/Guangzhou?

No. However, you will be paired with a Chinese Language Partner and will be interacting with them in Chinese for about 1-2 hours/day.

 6. What textbooks or other learning materials do I need to buy or bring?

Required materials are included in the program fee and will be provided in Suzhou. You should own a bilingual dictionary, either a printed one or a portable electronic one.

 7. Will we be given a tour of campus and the surrounding neighborhood to learn where everything is?

For many students, your first assignment will be to find useful places such as the campus supermarket, clinic and printing/copying services. Students in other levels will be challenged to do so on their own time and ask their instructor for advice when having difficulty finding something.

 8. Is there a convenience store or grocery store close to the dorms in Suzhou?

Yes, there are a number of such stores on and near the university campus.

 9. Will I be eating at a dorm cafeteria/food court?

There are many dining options available both on and off-campus; you may eat where you wish.

 10. How much money do I need for food?

You can easily get by on USD $500 for the summer if you eat and drink like a local. Every trip to KFC or a nice club will increase the amount you need. USD $1000 will cover all but the most profligate people.

 11. Will I be able to access Google and Gmail?

Google is occasionally punished for defying the central government, but Google and Gmail are usually available.

 12. When is the study tour and where are we going?

The study tours are an integral part of the programs and participation in them is mandatory and graded. The tour takes place during the 5th week of the term. Locations will be updated at a later date.

 13. What should I do in an emergency?

In short, go to the nearest hospital if it is a medical emergency. Once treatment has begun, contact your level’s lead instructor. If immediate medical attention is not necessary, start by calling your lead instructor. Please refer to emergency contacts for more detail. China cell phone numbers will be updated once the program has begun.

 14. Can we leave Suzhou during the program?

No. Exceptions can be made for special circumstances, but permission must be sought and granted by your lead instructor and Professor Jian FIRST. Failure to do so may lead to serious consequences, including dismissal from the program

 15. May my boyfriend/girlfriend visit me in Suzhou?

This is very strongly discouraged. It can not only distract you from the task at hand, but such visits may negatively affect your relationship with your Chinese roommate, even if you “get a room”.

 16. How can I receive credit from this program at my university?

Find out from your local study abroad office what paperwork and information are required by your university in order to apply for transfer/study abroad credit at a foreign institution. Once you know this, you can email walker.17@osu.edu for help obtaining the appropriate documents.