Summer Language Program Levels


The Suzhou Center offers five levels of intensive summer skills-based instruction. Class scheduling allows students to take different levels of instruction for speaking/listening and reading/writing, accommodating learners from a variety of instructional backgrounds. Students indicate their intended level when applying, and final placement is made based on standardized test results and on-site performance. Levels 1+, 4 and 5 can be taken in credit and non-credit options; Level 6 is available only as a non-credit program.

Level 1+ "Post 1st Year"

  • Designed as a first in-country experience for students who have completed one year of college Chinese instruction.
  • Focus on applying 1st level language skills to completing Chinese daily life tasks.
  • Acquisition/solidification of basic language necessary to get around in China, physically and socially.
  • Ohio State Level 1+ students receive credit for C2232, and C5798.

Level 4: Intermediate-High to Advanced-Low

  • Designed to create opportunities for learners to apply U.S.-acquired language knowledge to community-based interaction with Chinese natives.
  • Emphasis is on establishing personal relationships with Chinese individuals; coursework to support this goal will include, reports on community interviews, and reading materials that support conversations with natives.
  • Coursework on linguistically and culturally preparing students to engage in routine and formal situations.
  • Level 4 OSU students will receive credit for C5101 and C5102.

Level 5: Advanced-Mid to Advanced-High

  • Designed to introduce learners to accomplishing professional goals in China by tasking them with creating and completing short-term community practicum.
  • Coursework prepares students to use Chinese to conduct research and complete projects.
  • Transition from learning Chinese to learning in Chinese.
  • OSU students who successfully complete Level 5 may begin taking Flagship content courses in Columbus in autumn quarter.
  • Level 5 students taking the program for OSU credit receive credit for C5103 and C5104.

Level 6: Superior

  • Designed to introduce learners to living independently in China as a member of the professional community.
  • Participants find and negotiate for their own apartments, design and pursue individual research projects in their field, and give regular presentations to professionals and academics in the Suzhou community.
  • Each participant is assigned a tutor familiar with the participant’s non-language field. Tutors assist learners with the linguistic, cultural, and domain-specific skills necessary to appear knowledgeable to native speakers.