Undergraduate Program


Designed as a seamless pipeline for developing professionally-useful Chinese skills, this challenging program trains beginning and intermediate students with the advanced cultural and linguistic tools necessary for a China-related career.

With as little as one extra year of coursework and completion of a thesis, undergraduate students may follow the Combined Bachelor's/Master's Degree path to completing their Bachelor's degree in a non-language major and a Master's Degree in East Asian Languages & Literatures, Advanced Chinese Language & Culture track. In the combined degree curriculum, students begin applying their advanced-level Chinese coursework toward a graduate degree after formally applying to the Graduate School during their junior or senior year.

Alternatively, undergraduate students may take Level 5 Chinese at OSU as seniors, during their senior year, apply to the MA program in Advanced Chinese Language & Culture separately, and complete the MA in two years. For more on the lock-step version of the advanced curriculum, visit the graduate program website.

OSU's Chinese curriculum features a pioneering combination of intensive classroom instruction and study abroad immersion culminating in graduate level Chinese courses and a capstone academic year in China.