Undergraduate students and graduating high school seniors who intend to eventually complete the seven required levels of coursework and capstone year in China for an MA in East Asian Languages & Literatures, Advanced Chinese Langauge & Culture track are encouraged to let the Department of East Asian Languages & Literatures know as soon as possible so that they are included in email posts and information sessions.


All students at the Ohio State University may take any Chinese classes for which they are qualified. However, undergraduate students who intend to pursue the MA in Advanced Chinese Language & Culture should be prepared to:

  1. Complete all seven levels of OSU Chinese language classes, either in Columbus or through a combination of domestic and overseas study
  2. Pursue a Bachelor’s degree in any non-language major
  3. Complete a capstone year in China consisting of a summer in Qingdao, an internship with a Chinese organization related to the non-language major and a direct enrollment in relevant undergraduate classes at a Chinese university

Individuals without previous Chinese language study are encouraged to begin by enrolling in OSU’s Summer Programs in East Asian Concentration (SPEAC). The 7-week Chinese language course in SPEAC is equivalent to one year of Chinese at OSU, and will jump-start the learning process.

Application Process

Students not already at the Ohio State University should complete the following:

  1. Application to the Ohio State University
  2. A language placement test (for students not already at Ohio State), to be arranged after admission to OSU

Students already admitted to OSU should then complete and submit the Combined Graduate/Undergraduate Program form.