In short, undergraduate OSU Flagship students are those seeking to complete all eight levels of Chinese available at Ohio State as well as a bachelor’s degree in a non-language field. This journey usually includes summer study in China and always culminates in a capstone year in China.

There are two formal outcomes for undergraduate Flagship students at Ohio State:

1) Combined Degree (M.A. in East Asian Languages & Literatures + Bachelor’s Degree(s))

The combined degree program is designed for students who would like to certify their achievement of professional-level Chinese ability by earning a master’s degree, and can begin taking graduate-level Chinese courses before completing their Bachelor’s degree.

2) OSU Flagship Certification

Certification is for those students who do not have sufficient time or resources to complete all of the coursework required for the MA.

Alternatively, students who have received a Bachelor’s degree and completed Level 5 Chinese, either at OSU or elsewhere, may apply for the standalone 2-year OSU Flagship MA program.

Below is an example of how an incoming freshman starting with no Chinese ability could complete the combined degree program in 5 years. A more common 6-year plan and a complete listing of the Chinese courses to be completed can be found on the Coursework page. Satisfying nearly every student, these courses can be taken at different paces and in different locations, as described on the Pathways to Learning page.

Sample Accelerated Intensive Curriculum
(Semester System—Begins Fall 2012)

Chinese Coursework
Non-language Major and GECs  
Exit Point Result
Su AY1
USA Flag1st-level Chinese SPEAC Program
10 semester credits
USA Flag2nd/3rd-level intensive
20 semester credits
Su AY2
China Flag4th-level intensive
6 semester credits
USA and China Flag5th-level and domain tutorial
17 semester credits
Major & GECs  
Su AY3   Potentially GECs  
USA Flag6th-level content classes and domain tutorial
17 semester credits
Major & GECs  
Su AY4   Potentially GECs  
USA Flag7th-level content classes
12 semester credits
Major & GECs Graduate here with Bachelor's degree(s) and OSU Chinese Flagship Certification
Su AY5
China FlagPre-capstone summer program    
China FlagCapstone internship & Chinese university direct enrollment
Defend master's project
  Graduate here with Bachelor's degree(s) and MA in East Asian Languages & Literatures