Paths to Achieving Advanced Chinese Ability at OSU

Students may choose one or more options for each level (required time for completion in parentheses):

Post-1st Level summer in Qingdao

  1. Intensive SPEAC program (1 summer)
  2. Regular classroom (1 year)
  3. Individualized Instruction (<1 to 5 years)
  1. Intensive 2nd and 3rd level Chinese (1 year)
  2. Regular 2nd and 3rd level Chinese (2 years)
  1. Intensive 4th Level in Qingdao (1 summer)
  2. Individualized Instruction 4th level Chinese (<1 to 5 years)
  1. Intensive 5th Level in Qingdao (1 summer, K transfer credit only)
  2. 5th level Chinese (1 year)
  1. Flagship Certification:
    Complete a non-language bachelor’s degree, 3 Flagship content courses, 3 domain tutorials, Capstone Year in China (summer in Qingdao, 3–6 month internship, one semester of direct enrollment in a Chinese university, test at ILR 3/ACTFL Superior); minimum 2 years to complete
  2. Flagship-Designation Major:
    Flagship-Designation Major: All the above, and complete the requirements for a B.A. in Chinese (Not yet available)
  3. Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees:
    Fulfill requirements for #1, plus 3 more Flagship courses and defense of a thesis in Chinese (minimum 2 years)

The courses students take for each level are as follows:

Level Courses
1* C1101, 1102
2* C1103, 2102
2+3 Intensive* C2141/2151, 4142/4152
3* C4101/4102
4* C5101/5102
5 C5103/5104
Flagship C7617, 7660, 7671 (domain tutorial), 7655, 7670, 7672 (domain tutorial), 7615, 7650

* Students with existing Chinese language ability may take a placement test and receive credit for this level.