Tuition & Fees


All courses taught in Columbus are regular Ohio State courses that are covered by regular tuition and fees. Please note that once combined Bachelor’s/Master’s degree students are admitted to the graduate school, they are charged at the higher graduate school rate for all enrolled credits. Current tuition & fee rates can be found at the following websites:

  1. Undergraduate students
  2. Combined degree students who have been admitted to the Graduate School
  3. Adult college graduates taking OSU Chinese language courses in preparation for application to the Flagship M.A. program

OSU Chinese Flagship students are encouraged to spend at least one summer in China and are required to spend their capstone year in China, both of which incur costs beyond regular OSU tuition/fees.  The cost of the required capstone year in China varies from year to year and from student to student, but consists of the following:

  1. International and domestic transportation.
  2. Meals; approximately $10/day for local food & drink, less if you cook for yourself.
  3. Tuition & housing for summer at China Ocean University; about $600 in 2010.
  4. Internship room & board; costs depend on what compensation is provided by the internship host as well as cost of living at the internship location. Remuneration ranges from nothing to a comfortable salary.
  5. Tuition & housing for a semester at a Chinese university; about $1600 in 2010.
    *** The capstone year in China is a “year off” from Ohio State. Therefore, there are no OSU fee or tuition costs during that time. Students who wish to transfer credits accrued in China back to OSU will need to pay OSU in addition to the above-mentioned figures.

Up to date program fees for the summer programs can be found in the overseas section.  Please visit our external scholarships page for a list of scholarships for which Flagship students commonly qualify.


  1. Undergraduate students may enroll in a non-credit internship course for their capstone internship that will allow them to maintain eligibility for student benefits while abroad. These benefits may include health insurance and online library database access. Because of these benefits, this course does have a fee. To learn more about and to apply for this non-credit course, print and complete this form [doc].
  2. Combined degree students must be enrolled for a minimum of 3 credits in the quarter of their graduation (following the capstone year); please see “credit hours and residency requirement” in the Master’s Degree section of the OSU Graduate Handbook for details.

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