Lectures & Papers

  1. Maps that Turn History Upside Down



  2. The "Civilizational Factor" in Trump's Russia-China Asymmetry & America's Russia and China Studies

  3. Dr. Galal Walker talks at Berea

  4. The Axial Age and the "Orignal Difference" between China and the West

  5. Qiu Shanshan, author of Spring Grass (Chuncao), talked to students abut the novel and what's behind

  6. Dr. Galal Walker and Dr. Xiaobin Jian gave a lecture titled "A Chinese Language Pedagogy for the 21st Century: Basic Assumptions"

  7. Professor Ezra Vogel, emeritus from Harvard, gave a lecture on Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China

  8. Professor Galal Walker describes the OSU approach to advanced Chinese in 35 minutes

  9. Flagship Students Work with Haier Corporation in Las Vegas

  10. China's Government Structure, Presented by Ms. Shengming Yang 杨胜明女士

  11. CETV Interview with Galal Walker

  12. A Puzzle of Chinese Education, Presented by Professor Huang Quanyu 黄全愈教授

    A Puzzle of Chinese Education [pdf] presentation.

  13. The Chinese water conservation introduction with the northward rerouting of southern river project and the Three Gorges Project, Presented by 茆智教授; 邵东国教授

  14. Chinese Tea Culture, Performance by 彭塋女士

  15. Remembering the Future (Chinese), A paper by lecturers: Galal Walker and Mari Noda

  16. China Initiative -– Neighboring Countries & US/Taiwan Outlook, Lecturer Professor Xinbo Wu

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